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They can bring the low elements to a business. My goal is this will help people understand the importance of working together, she said. Teamwork is part of everyones life. She said understanding people bring different strengths to a team is important. We are going to start a new era with Grizzly Adventures, Winningham continued. Butler President Dr. Kim Krull also offered a few words, thanking everyone for attending the ribbon cutting. Were really excited about this, she said. The directors of the chamber of commerce also offers a few thoughts. Jamie Dupee, Wichita chamber investor relations, began.

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Its the latest example of the league looking really bad in the face of domestic violence allegations (well, its more than allegations in Browns case, but just in general). Conway of BBC Sport decided to ask Goodell about how the league bungles domestic violence so frequently compared to how it cracks down on, say, celebrations. Heres how ol Rog answered: Conway: The criticism that comes back to you is that people see punishments for touchdown celebrations but then only one game for a domestic violence incident. It must be very difficult to balance those things and explain them? Goodell: They are. I understand the publics misunderstanding of those things and how that can be difficult for them to understand how we get to those positions. But those are things that we have to do. I think its a lot deeper and a lot more complicated than it appears but it gets a lot of focus. Really, no matter how Goodell answered this question, he was going to look bad, because it really is absurd how the league ostensibly cares more about celebrations than domestic violence.

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course for interview

course for interview

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